Thank you, for following the QR code!

The THC pen you received is a gift! Cheers!

What you received:

HoneyOil THC Pen derived from AAAA bud
The battery is 260mAh and can be charged via the port on the bottom using any MicroUSB cable

How to Operate:

Remove both silicone caps (top & bottom)
Inhale through the mouthpiece

White light around charge port:
Lights up solid if the pen is active during inhale
Flashes when charge is required during inhale
Lights up solid during charging (turns off when charged)

Who we are:

FTW THC is a craft grower cultivating and processing only AAAA cannabis. No expense is spared to provide the best CO2 Extracted HoneyOil on the market.


We stand behind our product 100%, we’ll be there to troubleshoot and warranty any issues that come up. Failure rate on these pens is very low.

Reach us:

Please text 778-727-1677 to discuss further.