Premium CO2 Honey Oil 510 cartridges. Filled with oil made from our own plants with no fillers added at all. We’re certain you’ll love these cartridges!


  • All Ceramic
  • Full Spectrum Material
  • Smooth


  • Indica – $60
  • Hybrid – $60
  • Sativa – $60
  • Extra Terpy – $70 (Made from premium strains like Death Bubba and Black Candy. Pure terpenes allow you to taste the strain in the cartridge!)
  • Stealthy – $50 (Our stealthy cartridges have little smell and taste but they still pack a punch! We promise there is nothing smoother!)

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Additional information

Hybrid, Indica, Sativa, Stealthy, Terpy

How to Order

Text your order to 778-727-1677